Park House, 2 Countess Street, DARVEL KA17 0DZ, Ayrshire, Scotland
Tel: 01560 322416, Fax: 01560 322425

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You will not find us putting extras on the bill - Empact is not the cheapest in Scotland - quality has to suffer if the price is that low! Neither are we an expensive company to hire - compare us with others. We offer excellent value for money with three key benchmarks for you to measure us against others - Service, Quality and Price.

Empact will provide all delegatesí materials, course workbooks and handouts, all training equipment if required. Please call me Keith Emery on 01560 322416 to discuss your needs and requirements - it will only cost you the 'phone call! Or email us on

Success? We measure our success by the increased success we bring our clients - like you. Finally - Words on paper remain but words! Why not take the chance to talk to us and judge for yourself if what you need matches what we can offer?

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