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Empact has worked with many hotel companies and helped them to achieve a significant difference. As an example, currently Empact is working with one of Scotland’s ‘rising star’ hotel groups. The service we offer them includes:

¨ The appraisal and development of Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for both Management and Staff teams

¨ The development of Standard Operating Procedures manuals and training

¨ A peripatetic training service, which includes basic skills and standards training for Reception, Food and Beverage, Conference, Housekeeping and Sales (on-job)

¨ On-site short, high impact training (HIT) sessions (off-job)

¨ The design of bespoke training materials exclusive to them

¨ Development of Management team members through training courses or one-to-one coaching and mentoring

¨ Delivery of direct training workshops and seminars programmed from the TNA

¨ Train the Trainer programmes to create a legacy of training self- sufficiency for the future

¨ Mystery guest visits to evaluate customer service and product quality.

Tutors are also available to provide the delivery of training to meet the onerous legislative requirements. A one-stop shop for all hospitality training needs.

Empact has over 30 years experience working in, with or for our Industry in Scotland.
Simply Empact is a professional hospitality & tourism training company, specialising in Business Improvement, People Development and Service Excellence.

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